This study assessed the costs and benefits of removal of Value Added Tax (VAT) and import duties on household energy products: solar photovoltaic (PV) lanterns, solar home systems and improved cookstoves. It includes an economic model detailing the results. The report is available here
Electronic waste (e-waste) impacts and mitigation options in the off-grid renewable energy sector

According to the Social Impact Metrics from the Global Off-grid Lighting Association (GOGLA), over 76 million people worldwide have benefited from improved energy access from off-grid lighting products.

Consumers are saving over GBP 2.6 billion from savings on lighting and phone charging costs compared to traditional energy sources.

Current waste volumes from this sector are almost negligible, in proportion to the quantity and environmental impact of the total e-waste stream. This report’s estimate of the expected volumes of end-of-life off-grid solar products in the 14 Energy Africa countries includes three case studies in Kenya, Nigeria and Rwanda. The estimates show that off-grid products represent less than 0.5% of the overall e-waste stream.

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