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Clean Energy Ministerial - press release - May  2012
Commitments by participating countries and private sector leaders which will promote improved energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, and increased energy access around the world: link

IEA repeats energy warnings - March  2012
New article in OECD Observer

New water prize - launch - Feb 2012
Stone Prize for innovation and entrepreneurship in water
Winning organizations will receive a £100,000 cash prize to take their initiative to the next stage of its development. Up to five prizes will be awarded. Individuals, NGOs, social enterprises and for-profit companies are eligible
Applications go live on 1st February 2012

Review of new BP Energy Outlook- Jan 2012
Useful review by the Oil Drum (link) on the new BP Energy Outlook:
The fastest growing suply segment is renwables, with large increases in biofuels to meet demand for liquids.

EconomyWatch article on Africa renewable energy - Jan 2012
Discussion of growing RE investment and comments on UN Sustainable Energy for All and AEEP.
Link to article

"LOVE IS THE CURE: Ending the Global AIDS Epidemic"- Jan 2012
Elton John is to write a personal account of his life during the AIDS epidemic.
"This is a disease that must be cured not by a miraculous vaccine, but by changing hearts and minds, and through a collective effort to break down social barriers and to build bridges of compassion," John said.
Reuters report

World Energy Outlook 2011 - Nov  2011
New World Energy Outlook 2011 report is now out.
Stark messages include:
- CO2 emissions rebound
- near term oil price moving to USD 150/bbl
- economic concerns have diverted attention from energy policy
Link to press release here

"Devastating" - Global Fund under-resourced - Oct 2011
International HIV/AIDS Alliance:"The news this week that the Global Fund is under-resourced and Round 11 is delayed is devastating"

Important new HIV report: Opportunity in Crisis - June 2011
Opportunity in Crisis - Preventing HIV from early adolescence to young adulthood.
This Joint publication by UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNFPA, ILO, WHO and The World Bank presents data on adolescents and HIV for the first time
Link to report on WHO website

New Oxfam report on food justice in a resource constrained world - June 2011
"The 2008 spike in food prices pushed some 100 million people into poverty. Price rises so far in 2011 have done the same to 44 million more"
Link to Summary for policy makers

IEA wake up call on emissions - June 2011
Birol (IEA chief):
"...a serious setback to our hopes of limiting the global rise in temperature to no more than two degrees Celsius"
Link to ENS article

2011 Carbon Disclosure Project Report 23-02-2011
The CDP Supply Chain Report 2011 is availabe for download

Capacity building in Network Organisations - Dec  2009
Experiences from and Practical Guidelines for HIV and Other Networks.
Supported by VSO and authored by IDLS Director Jose Sluijs-Doyle, this publication shares experiences with those who (would like to) work in or support networks effectively.
Full report here:


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